In August 1948, the Whittemore Fire Department Fire Chief Basil Goupil, and the fathers scheduled a carnival for the homecoming only to find out with short notice, the carnival would be unable to come. This caused the Fire Chief and the business men to make some speedy decisions for entertainment to fill the void. They hired a man from Bay City to come with his refrigerated truck to give away ice cream. They got some young pigs greased for the children to catch, and greased a flag pole with a $10.00 bill on top for the kids to climb. They gathered some old cars from “McArdle and Grahams” and “Whittemore Sales”, the local car dealers. They knocked out the windows, used old tires to mark the edge of the track, and plowed some furrows across the track so the cars couldn’t go too fast. Interest grew from the first race, and for the first two years races were held on the short lived third mile track.

The following October, a formal meeting in the Whittemore Fire Hall led to the creation of the Whittemore Racing Club. 23 original members pledged themselves, and bought the land that had belonged to Henry and Rhoda Snyder In the spring of 1949.

In 1950 the track was again improved and the addition of a new grandstand that would seat 700 people was constructed on the south side of the track. Lights were installed and races at the speedway would be held on Saturday nights for the next 67 years and counting.

In 1951 a contractor Glen Norton of Twining was hired with his machinery to cut down and bank the track to the present quarter-mile size The speedway has kept in step and steadily progressed, making improvements each year as needed.

The Speedway was asphalted in 1988 which bred a new era of racing off of dirt. The mortgage was officially burned for asphalting the track 5 years later on September 14, 1994. New bleachers were constructed in 1996, and a new septic and drain field was in place before the 1998 season.

The Non-Profit  club has a scholarship program, donating three $500 scholarships to students in area schools each year.

Today, races run from Memorial Day to Labor Day every Saturday night. The green flag drops at 7:30pm. The track’s grand stands are new and comfortable for the fans; with modern amenities, concession building and a merchandise booth. The Whittemore Speedway is a great place to take the family on a Saturday night for an evening of action packed, fun filled entertainment.

We regret that the track has had two fatalities in its nearly 70 years of operation. In June of 1973, Ronald Troxell; and in August of 2007 Donald Kotarski.