2018 Pro Late Model Rules

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o Only one battery is allowed.
o The battery must be securely mounted outside of the Driver’s compartment.
o A battery disconnect (Kill Switch) is mandatory and must be in easy reach of the Driver and Track Officials and clearly
Labeled ON/OFF.

o Four-wheel hydraulic brakes are mandatory and must be in good working condition.
o Aftermarket components including proportioning valves are allowed.
o Brake Floaters are not allowed.

o Cast iron engines only; 360 cubic inch maximum displacement.
o No dry sumps.
o Cast iron heads only; porting and polishing of the heads is allowed.
o Cast iron or aluminum intake manifolds are allowed.
o Roller rocker arms are allowed.
o Roller camshafts and lifters Are Not allowed.
o Compression ratio must not exceed 12:5 to 1.
o Stock Holley 4412 removal of choke horn is allowed. (NO XP CARBS)
o A 1”-inch thick adaptor plate with a maximum bore of 1.687”-inches is allowed.
o Any battery operated ignition system is allowed.
o Open-air cleaner’s 4”-inches tall x 14”-inches in dia. are allowed. The air cleaner may protrude through the hood.
o Engine location is that the forward most spark plug must be within 4”-inches of the centerline of the adjacent ball-joint
on all frames.
o The centerline of the crankshaft must have no less than 10 ½” inches of clearance to the ground.
o All cars must have a working starter at all times.
o Engine Coolant: Water only. No anti-freeze.

*7600 rpm maximum chip allowed

o Exhaust must be completely and thoroughly sealed and must exit the car behind the Driver.
o Mufflers are mandatory.
o Maximum allowable noise level is 100 decibel.

Differential/Drive Axle:
o Floaters and quick-change are allowed.
Fuel System:
o All cars must have a fuel cell securely mounted in the trunk area of the car.
o A firewall must separate the trunk and Drivers compartment.
o Fuel lines cannot run through the Drivers compartment.
o Electric fuel pumps are not allowed.
o The fuel cell must have a minimum of 8”-inches of ground clearance.
o Fuel: Pump gas only, no additives are allowed.

o Minimum of 101”-inch wheelbase.
o Frames must be completely fabricated of a minimum of 2”-inch x 3”-inch .095” wall thickness tubing or have a stock front sub-assembly.

o Any radiator is allowed.
o Any re-enforcement to protect the radiator must be mounted behind the grill.
o The nosepiece or hood cannot be altered to fit the radiator.
o A one (1) gallon catch-can must be mounted on the firewall in the engine compartment.

Roll Cage:
o All cars must have a six (6) point roll cage system made of 1-3/4”-inch diameter .095”-inch wall thickness steel tubing that is welded to the frame of the car.
o Four (4) Driver-side sissy bars made of the same size and type of roll cage material must be securely mounted to the roll cage to protect the Driver during side impact.
o A steel plate measuring 18” x 24” x 1/8” must be mounted to the sissy bars to protect the Driver.
o All bars around the Driver must be padded with made for racing roll bar padding.

Rub Rails:
o Rub rails must be securely mounted to the body using carriage bolts.
o The ends of the rub rail must be rounded off and welded shut.
o Kick-outs are not allowed.

o Adjustable shocks allowed (one shock per wheel).
o Shock must be moderately priced. No $500 plus dollar shocks.
o Recharging valves permitted.
o No remote reservoirs.
o No canister shocks of any type permitted.
o No exotic shocks.
o Super Late Models have wide open shock rules.
o Pro late models are not super late models; the shock rule is intended specifically for Pro Late Model weekly economy racing. (THE HONESTY SYSTEM IS HIGHLY REGARDED ON THIS RULE)

o Tubular upper A-frames, rack and pinion steering are allowed.
o Cast iron and steel spindles only, aluminum spindles are Not Allowed.
o Driver actuated weight jacking devices are Not Allowed.
o One steel spring-loaded rear suspension device is allowed.
o Rubber suspension mounts are allowed.
o Wide-five hubs and rims are allowed.
o Computer controlled and/or hydraulic actuated traction control devices are Not Allowed.

o Hoosier D800 Series

o Steel made for racing wheels only. 8”-inch maximum width.
o Wheel studs must be ½”-inch minimum with 1”-inch hex lug nuts.
o Carbon-fiber components: Not Allowed (other than the roof air box)

Window Nets:
o Approved driver side window net with a quick release mechanism securely mounted to the roll cage is mandatory.

o Must have a minimum of two (2) working forward gears and one (1) reverse.
o Drive Shaft: Must be painted white.
o Front and rear drive-shaft hoops made of steel are required.
o Chains are Not Allowed.

-2800 lbs. (Templates – 2700 lbs) with driver before the race.
a. All added weight must be painted white and securely mounted to the car using ½ inch bolts.
b. Maximum 58% left-side weight. (Template Body is also 58%)
c. Maximum 50% rear weight.

Body Design Requirements: (Letters Not Listed Need Not Apply)
A. Minimum ground clearance at the nose of the car 3”-Inches.
B. Center of front hub to front spoiler/nose piece 45”-Inches.
C. 101”-inch Minimum.
D. Minimum roof height to ground 45”-Inches.
E. Center of rear hub to back of rear quarter panel 46”- Inches max
F. Fuel Cell height – 8”- inch min.
G. Maximum height of back of rear quarter panel to ground 37”-Inches.
H. 38”-Inch Minimum
I. Rear quarter panel ground clearance behind tires 6”-inches minimum
J. Minimum width of side window openings 22”-inches
K. Minimum roof width 45”- Inches
L. Minimum height of side window openings 14”-Inches
M&V. Maximum body width at the front and rear tires 78”-inches.
N. 4”- Inches
O. 38”-Inch Minimum
P. Minimum roof width 45”- inches
Q. 9″ inches
R. 52″ inches
S. 28″ inch maximum rear window to spoiler base.
T. 8”-Inch Maximum
U. Maximum rear deck and spoiler width 72-Inches

o Maximum width of flat surface on the top of the body between the front windshield and rear post 4”- inches
o Aftermarket nose pieces only, no shovel noses allowed.
o The width of the fenders must gradually taper from their maximum width at the wheels to the rear of the car.
o Straight panels or abrupt kick-in just before the rear of the car are not allowed.
o Rear filler panels are mandatory and must be made of solid material. Minimum height, of 14” X width of the body. Filler panel will be measured vertically, perpendicular to the ground, directly to the deck lid under the base of the rear spoiler.
o Tread width measured from outside sidewall to sidewall at bottom bulge of the tires -–max. 80”- inches.

Body Attributes:
1. Body must be made of Sheet Steel, Aluminum, or Fiberglass “specifically”
outlined for aftermarket racing use.
2. Only a Carbon-fiber roof air-box is allowed.
3. Driver’s compartment must be made of metal, securely fastened in place, and
completely separated from the engine and trunk compartment.
4. Cars must be completely and neatly painted.
5. A white 6”- inch tall x 1”-inch wide number must be located on the outside/upper
passenger side windshield.
6. All glass must be removed.
7. The Entire windshield including rear and side facing windows are to be made of
only LEXAN; Plexi-Glass is not allowed.
8. 3 (Three) 3/8”-inch diameter steel rods must be mounted behind the windshield
and directly in front of the driver.
9. Mirrors: Not Allowed.